Review: Harry Potter: The Exhibition

I wasn’t planning on posting this weekend but I just got back from the new Harry Potter exhibition at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. I was so impressed that I felt I should let you know about it.

The exhibition offers fans entry into Harry’s world through its objects. Hundreds of authentic film artefacts are beautifully displayed throughout the exhibit.

No video or photography is permitted inside but I can show you the car suspended at the entrance of the museum:

As there is timed entry you need to queue up in line if you arrive early (you can’t just wander in). There is an opportunity to have your photograph taken before you enter the exhibition (which you can purchase for $40 after you exit the shop at the end of the exhibition).

Once everyone in your time slot has arrived you are ushered into the sorting room. If you have children (or desperately want to know whether you belong to Ravenclaw), I suggest you volunteer immediately as only three people got the sorting hat treatment.

The next room features a brief montage from all the films and I won’t spoil the entrance but let’s just say they have achieved the I-HAVE-TOTALLY-FORGOTTEN-I’M-A-MUGGLE moment.

The breadth of the collection of costumes, props and creatures from the films is satisfying. I particularly enjoyed Hermione’s Time-Turner hour glass pendant (I love all things time-travel) and her beaded handbag (sufficiently bohemian for my tastes even without the Undetectable Extension Charm which always calls to mind Marry Poppin’s carpet bag for me). Lockhart’s painting of him painting his self portrait is there, so is Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem and Hermione’s Yule Ball pink/purple crepe silk ensemble.

Kids (ahem, me) will be kept entertained by the Quaffle toss and squirming around the huge chair in Hagrid’s hut. Yes, I even pulled up a screaming Mandrake in the herbology vignette. You’ll want to stroke Buckbeak the Hippogriff’s feathers (but you can’t).

We shelled out the extra $7.50 each for two audio guides which was worth it to hear about the construction of the sword of Gryffindor.

I had another good hour in me of museum visiting but alas the exhibition was over and we spilled into the shop. I resisted the $60 resin wand (although the weighty little thing was very cool) and the $5 chocolate frogs: the exhibit itself was our extravagance for the weekend at $32 a pop for entry.

The exhibition runs until mid March 2012. Well worth a visit for fans: it will make you want to watch all the films again in a Harry Potter fest.

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  1. Jeena says:

    Sounds very HP! Let me Facebook this to friends visiting Sydney

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