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WIN 1 of 3 copies of THE STARKIN CROWN!

Some writers have the ability to transport the reader to other worlds instantly and make you experience a character with all of your senses.

In Kate Forsyth’s The Starkin Crown the following passage appears early on:

The girl gazed at him in surprise. She was dressed in a blue velvet mantle edged with white fur, which matched the voluptuous muff in which her hands were buried. Her eyes were an extraordinary colour, blue and translucent as aquamarines.

As readers of Sibylline Syllables and courtesy of Pan Macmillan Australia, you have the chance to win one of three copies of The Starkin Crown!

The author has described the book as:

A fantasy adventure story for children, set far, far away and long, long ago, in a fairytale world filled with valiant heroes, wicked villains, terrifying monsters and extraordinary magical creatures. I wanted to write a book just like the ones which had so enchanted me as a child – a book filled with adventure, mystery, romance, and magic. It tells the story of Prince Peregrine, heir to the throne, and his desperate search for the long-lost Spear of the Storm King which he hopes will help him rescue his parents and win back his father’s throne. I very much hope the children who read it will be fashioning themselves magical spears out of sticks and cloaks out of old curtains and playing games inspired by it, just like my sister and my brother and I used to play Narnia. Source: Kate Forsyth author of The Starkin Crown answers ten terrifying questions

For more information about The Starkin Crown you can visit Kate Forsyth’s site here.

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  1. Trisha says:

    Ohhh, I love Kate Forsyth. Sadly I’m lacking in creativity for a good answer to the contest question right now but maybe inspiration will strike soon! hehe

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