Contemplative Vegetation and Talking Insects

If I had time to do a Silly Saturday series I would. Research, writing and being a good great* wife doesn’t leave time for much else so I offer you this silly snippet instead. This was inspired by a friend’s observation about my love of dragonflies (paraphrased below).

Friend {gestures to my dragonfly earrings}: “What is it with you and dragonflies?”

Me: {insert in no way succinct word flow, interrupted by me sipping hot chocolate, followed by my dragonfly anecdote which friend kindly nods through}

Friend: “It’s ’cause they’re your bad-ass butterflies.”

How right she is! And in the serendipitous way in which my life often works I came across this image later that day. Seriousness in creatures cracks me up (and yes I have a habit of anthropomorphizing them as evident below).

Image Credit

If you don’t take life too seriously, click on the image below for the full size (and story).


*IMHO = In My Husband’s Opinion.

© Chenoa Fawn. 2012.

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