The Monkey Post

I’m surprised to discover that it’s been over a year since I read this helpful hint for bloggers:

Try to include a monkey somewhere in your blog at least once. Monkeys are cute.
~ Nathan Luff

Since then you’ve almost had posts from me about Monkey Magic, the time I went to a party with a monkey on my shoulder (Pippi style) or Chinese Zodiac symbolism. You’re relieved, right?!

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As I’m reading and writing on literary theorists, editing a journal and maintaining the titles of best friend, aunt, daughter and wife, the next few months may prove light in the blogging department. So I’m going to do an experiment (where you do all the blogging!).

Take Nathan’s advice and provide a link to your Monkey post in the comment section below. Every Friday (by midnight Australian time), if there are any takers (from now until 28 September 2012), your approved comment link will appear below.

If you had a million Shakespeares, could they write like a monkey?
~ often attributed to Steven Wright

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One Response to “The Monkey Post”
  1. chenoafawn says:

    As penance for letting the auto-close monkey around I give you:

    Monkey Pictures – Primate Wallpapers – National Geographic.

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