Spooktacular Sundowner and Mort terrific Smoothie

Halloween isn’t widely celebrated in Australia but it is in pockets of suburbia. Last year I drove past an erect rubber coffin with a skeleton dangling out while another house had blood spattered windows (let’s hope they were also participating in their local trick-or-treat).

I’m borrowing someone else’s line here but I’m on a ‘no boos’ policy this Halloween. So I’ve road tested some frightfully good mocktails.

Warning: If spiders freak you out, don’t look at the photos.

Spooktacular Blood Sundowner
- 400ml blood orange juice
- 2ooml dry ginger ale

- Optional: A splash or two of Angostura bitters for the adults (contains alcohol).

Simply combine ingredients and swill.

Makes 2.









(Mort) terrific Mango Smoothie
- Fruit of two medium mangoes (or 425g tin of mango slices)
- 1/2 cup light coconut cream (less than 15 per 100g of saturated fat)
- Fresh lime juice (half a lime or to taste)

- Optional: 6-12 ice cubes crushed
- Optional: A handful of moist coconut flakes (omit if you need to minimize saturated fat)

Blend fruit till smooth then mix in cream. Add optional crushed ice to achieve your preferred consistency. Squeeze in lime juice then pour combined mixture into glasses. Sprinkle coconut flakes just before serving.

For the sweet toothed only: add a dash of sweetened condensed milk when adding the cream.

Makes 2.











Happy Halloween!

© Chenoa Fawn. 2012.

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